About Us

Two important names in the jewelry industry; Rafi Roy Tüter & Gökhan Tuna is growing and adding value to the sector with its "RafiRoydiamonds" brands in its stores in Nuruosmaniye Orient Center, with its customer portfolio consisting of famous personalities and the services they provide to export companies.Rafi Roy Tüter & Gökhan Tuna: Continuing the 115-year tradition with "RafiRoydiamonds" Raf Roy Tüter & Gökhan Tuna, one of the giants of the jewelery and diamond sector, said, "With RafiRoydiamonds, its field of activity in the sector is expanding day by day, and it successfully carries out the family business of 15 years.Tüter, which has publicly known customers in Turkey and various parts of the world, continues to serve its guests in its place in Nuruosmaniye Orient Center for 25 years with the love and care it has for its job. Born in Istanbul in 1983, Rafi Roy Tüter carries the family business, which has been going on for 15 years, to the future with his creative designs and approaches that keep up with the times. Tüter, who first started his craft life in 1996, has been operating in the sector with determination and determination since then. Many well-known names such as Merve Özbey, Bircan Bali, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Pınar Altuğ and Yasemin Sakallıoğlu, with their special designs and creative sales techniques, prefer Tüteri for their diamond and jewelery shopping. At the same time, Tüteri, which is preferred by names from the world of politics and football, is the value and service quality it gives to its customers at the beginning of the things that have made it so successful in the sector for 26 years. Gökhan Tuna, on the other hand, occupies an important place in the market with the diamonds and stocks he supplies to large exporting companies in Turkey, in addition to his superior designs. In addition, the famous diamond giant buys and markets products from many companies in order to support them. In his statement on the subject, Tuna said, "This situation enables many companies to grow indirectly, as well as expanding the sector and creating an intense supply within the market." said. Continuing to work with sincerity and sincere attitudes, Tüter and Tuna show up with their designs on their special days as a result of the bonds they have developed with their customers. Tüter & Tuna seems determined to continue to serve its guests with unique designs and creative products in its stores located in Nuruosmaniye Cağaloglu for 30 years with the love and care it has for its job. Contact: 0 (543) 5814647

Our Vision

To be an internationally recognized, world-class organization that follows contemporary innovations and pioneers innovations.

Our Mission

To offer quality and different designs to our customers and to maintain our position as a leading company in the sector, on the way we set out with the slogan of "voicing the Dreams and Emotions of Women with jewellery".


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